Synergy Airways

CHALLENGE Deal with increased balance sheet liability This global airline company operates an exclusive rewards club for its flyers, who accumulate air miles towards a variety of rewards, such as free travel, seat upgrades and premium gifts. Issues which...Read More→

Fitzgerald Motorcycle Group

CHALLENGE To bring members worldwide together Administration of the Fitzgerald Owners Group (the world's largest factory sponsored motorcycle riding organisation) was fragmented across EMEA, resulting in inefficiencies and inconsistencies in customer relationship management activities with members. The key objectives...Read More→

Horizon Ferries

CHALLENGE Find new payment solutions and streamline debt collection Horizon Ferries is an international transport and travel service company with Europe’s most comprehensive route network. During 2013, 14.6 million passengers travelled with Horizon Ferries, and the company also transported...Read More→


CHALLENGE Deliver a state of the art customer exerience The core challenge was to provide a globally consistent contract-to-invoice service across four lines of business – Dynamics, Commercial Operations, Enterprise Services and Original Equipment Manufacturers Operations – that together...Read More→