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The holidays are upon us here in Panama. Evidence is just about anywhere you look. Stores are decked out in the holiday colors and playing the Christmas carols we all know and love. Outside, lights are going up on homes and have already been up for a while on the businesses. Everything is decorated.

The first really showing of holiday spirit seems to always be the giant blown up air balloon of Rudolph that tops Arrocha for all to see on the Pan American highway. He initiates the rest of decorating for the season.

The smell of pine and fir trees scent the air at the entrances to the grocery stores where eager families buy them up, tie them to the top of their cars and whisk them away home. Some of those cars also are adorned with the reindeer antlers or big wreaths tied to the front grills of the cars.

Many aisles in the grocery stores have been restocked with holiday goodies with cookies, candy and other holiday sweets and treats. Hams and turkeys fill the frozen food aisle, while stuffing, pumpkins and lots of imported fruits are dotted here and there throughout the stores.

The display of Rum Ponche can’t be missed in any grocery as this is the time to stock up on the famous “egg nog” of the season.

Everyone here is in high spirits and just like everywhere else in the world; kids are eyeing all the new toy displays.

All in all, it looks like it is shaping up to be a nice Christmas and holiday season here in Panama.