Sismo Chiriqui
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Last night we were startled by a powerful, 6.5-magnitude earthquake that hit the border area between Panama and Costa Rica, including the province of Chiriqui. The tremors were even being felt some 500km away in Panama City.

The earthquake, which was initially measured at 6.4 magnitude by the US Geological Survey (USGS), struck 44km west of the city of David in Panama at a shallow depth of 14.2 km.

Some reported feeling a strong shake but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Sismo Casa

So, what if your house got damaged?
Companies in Panama provide Homeowners Insurance that will cover contents and infrastructure in separate sections of their Multi-Risk Residential coverage. Content and infrastructure of your house are covered if damage to the house is incurred due to earthquake, fire, storm, floods, volcano eruptions, lightning, etc. If you’d like more information, Magda can explain everything about it to you.

The border area of Panama and Costa Rica is relatively sparsely populated and frequently hit by earthquakes. Last month, a 6.1-magnitude quake with an epicenter near Davíd damaged some property and injured at least two people. It is therefore important to be prepared what to do when it happens, and most importantly – keep calm!

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