New Alcohol and Curfew Laws for Chiriqui
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There are now new alcohol and curfew laws in Chiriqui. With crime on the increase in Chiriqui, the government has set forth some new regulations and laws to help protect the citizens. On September 24th the major of David put into place, Decree 14 which establishes new curfew regulations regarding alcohol.  As of now in David there are new laws regarding the hours that liquor can be served. Bars may serve liquor Sunday thru Thursday from 11am until 1am. On Friday and Saturday they can serve liquor from 11am until 3am. Restaurants can serve liquor from 11am until midnight.

Further laws are now in place regulating alcohol purchasing in stores. No alcohol will be sold before 11 am. You cannot buy alcohol Monday thru Friday after 1am and on Saturday and Sunday after 3am.

In addition, minors must be in the company of adults if they are outside between the hours of 9pm and 6am. The only exception to this is if they are attending school or have a reasonable need to be outside.

Results of not complying with these new laws will result in stiff penalties. The new law stipulates that municipal inspectors, National Police, corregidores, and Municipal Police have been enlisted to help with the compliance of these new laws. This hopefully will reduce the gathering of youths and crime in the late night hours.

With recent violent crimes committed in Chiriqui the public has also been asked to be on alert for suspicious activity and report it to the proper authorities. As is the case in Chiriqui, North Americans are more of a target, the thought being that they have more money and possessions of value. In the past few months crimes against expats has increased in the area. It is imperative that we all do our best to help our neighbors and protect ourselves by being more diligent about our safety.

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